About Me

I can’t say I like to drive, but I do it a lot!  OK, what I like to do is travel and now that I have a daughter who is no longer in the “travels for free” age, I find it easier to drive when it’s California we’re seeing.  California is a BIG state, and I’d be ashamed to grow old and not have seen what many tourists from other states and countries have come here to see.

In her teeny 4 years of age, Audrey has already been and seen, and has had her diaper changed in:

Ireland (Dublin, the east coast, and southern parts)





and Minnesota.

My biggest regret is that I didn’t take more pictures of all the places we visit or keep a travel log!  I’m hoping to change that.

Oh, and I love to watch Travel Channel and Huell Howser whenever I get a chance.

(PS. Please don’t use my images on your website without asking permission, or if you do, give credit to my blog.  I’d like to know where they’re popping up instead of stumbling on them on someone’s newsletters with no credit given.)


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