On the day we had to checkout of our Key Largo hotel, we went on a glass bottom boat ride at the Holiday Inn next door.  Worse ride ever for me.  It’s 45 minutes out to the reef where you can see most of the sea life, and then 45 minutes back, with a total viewing time of around 20 minutes through the glass bottom of the boat.  The problem was when the boat was at the destination, it continuously rocked back and forth in the water, causing a number of us to have to go outside to the upstairs deck to avoid getting seasick and tossing our cookies!  I missed almost the entire viewing.  My daughter faired a little better and did see fish but she wasn’t that thrilled by it all and the rocking of the boat.

We stopped at John Pennekamp to snorkel and that was not successful, either.  The water was too murky.  Some of us had the luck to see 3 dolphins quickly go up and down in the water, but the swimmers nearby didn’t even notice them.

Back in Miami, we tried to go to Miami Beach and the traffic and crowds were just too crazy for us.  (On the way, we also stopped at the Children’s museum.  I think Audrey is a bit old for this now, I’d say age 7 or under is best.)  At one point, we saw a parking lot advertise $50/day parking, maximum 10 hours.  Lots of shops and restaurants, we would’ve loved to have been able to walk around there but I couldn’t deal with the traffic and parking situation, so we drove back to Miami and went to the Bayside Marketplace.  Being from California, I guess it just wasn’t that impressive, either.  It’s a nice touristy spot to hang out and eat, but the shops weren’t that great and the normal franchise stores were there.

On our last day, we drove to Butterfly World, twenty minutes north of Fort Lauderdale airport.  I loved it!  It was so beautiful, albeit very hot as it’s not near the beaches and the butterfly viewing and bird aviaries are outdoors.


Butterflies in bloom


Butterfly World, outside where all the butterflies were fluttering.


Many, many butterflies everywhere.


Cute birds and hummingbirds in the aviaries.