I’ve been looking into other road trips to take in California so am linking to some sites here that have some nice, sometimes overlapping, ideas.


From the above site, I found a new place to visit – Gilroy Gardens theme park – I’ll update if we make it there and like it:


Other nice sites to sift through:




We were looking for ideas for Sacramento and Yosemite, but the weather website indicates it might be really hot, over 90 degrees, and Audrey will not do well hiking and walking all day in hot weather.  So even though I was just in Monterey on New Year’s Eve, it was rushed and we’ve decided to return but spend more time hiking the parks and beaches, and also hope to visit Santa Cruz.  The Monterey visitor’s bureau website is terrific, had I seen this earlier, I wouldn’t have bothered looking through a lot of other websites: http://www.seemonterey.com/