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Of all the places I’ve visited, Paris ranks up there in terms of being the most memorable.  I’ve been there three times, once in the spring, and twice in the fall.  I’ve never been there when the weather was warm enough to not wear a jacket, so I wonder what that would be like, to see it in the summer.

The first trip there was a 3-day weekend, and yes, this was completely insane, to fly across the ocean on such a long flight just to be there for 3 days.  Most of the first day was spent recovering by sleeping.  I remember waiting at the Charles de Gaulle airport for over an hour for my boyfriend to meet me (he was coming from a business trip from London) and feeling a little worried he wasn’t going to show up and I knew nothing about getting around.  It was not my first trip to Europe (I had been to Belgium before on business but the company had already booked my hotel so I knew where I was going) but it was my first time sort of going it alone.  I didn’t get to see much on this visit, I remember all the wonderful crepe stands on every corner and going to the Centre Pompidou, and that was about all we had time for, other than walking to the nearby places near our hotel.  We had a wonderful location, it was within 10 minutes walking distance to the Louvre.  I also remember this fantastic gastronomic restaurant that we had foie gras and a 4 course meal at, but the name of it escapes me.  It was the first time I had serious French food and I loved it.

The second visit to Paris was on my honeymoon.  We spent about 6 days there and did so much in that amount of time.  Everyday, there was a site to see and we traveled by metro and taxi and fell in love with public transportation (something L.A and Orange County frankly stinks at).

The third visit to Paris was for only a weekend but that’s because we were living in Ireland so it was an easy flight.  My parents were overseas visiting and we treated them to the trip, although I thoroughly regret it had not been for longer.  The trip was so rushed and we had the worse experience with our roach hotel.  I had booked a hotel via hotels.com and when we got there, we were told the hotel was full and we had to go to another hotel owned by the same chain.  We were dragging our luggage and trying to figure out how to get there, and most people spoke French and little English in the area we were at.  It was amazing we even found it.  It has been several years so alas, I do not remember the name of this hotel, I’m sure I probably gave them a bad review on hotels.com.  I think it was some kind of scam.

Tree lined path in the fall at the Chateau de Versailles