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I hesitate to share this information with the public because it might get way too crowded and ruin the fun for the kids, but the City of Westminster now has a splash park and it’s right next to the traditional parks so you get two-for-one.  The kids had a good time here, the only down side is they got cold after a little bit of playing since the water is not heated.  (It’s recycled, by the way, in case that bothers you).  They would stop, dry off to warm up, then play again.   We also let them play at the regular playground for a little while and then they would be hot again and want to go back into the splash park.  The splash pad has spray areas where the water shoots up from the ground or comes down from palm trees.  The pelican heads were cute, when the mouth filled up with water, it would tip and dump a lot of water down, sometimes drenching any kids standing under it.  There are bathrooms there, and an area where you can rinse off.  The regular playgrounds outside the splash pad had a toddler play area and an area for 5-12 years old.  The splash pad is only open during the summer months (I think it closes after Labor Day), and the hours are noon-5pm.  The best thing is, it’s FREE, and so is the street parking by the park!  I hope it doesn’t get so crowded that they start to charge.

Sigler Park information page:



Playground next to Sigler Splash Park

Playground next to Sigler Splash Pad

Sigler Splash Pad

Sigler Splash Pad in Westminster